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Concrete Patio Installers: Cost of Renovating a Patio

Concrete Patio Installers: Cost of Renovating a Patio

With newer construction and exterior trends becoming more mainstream, people are beginning to pay special attention to what the exterior of their house looks like, be it the main driveway, the kitchen deck or the patio. Leading architectural and interior design magazines have based their focus on patios recently.

It is no surprise that most people do not pay attention to their patios, where some even use it for storage of unused furniture and such. However, rather than storing one’s furniture on the patio, why not use it there instead? The patio can become a very lively room if the right elements are added to it and the good news is that patios can be renovated at fairly low costs, whether one does it themselves or hires a contractor.

The Variety that Concrete Patio Installers Offer

If one has no experience in building or construction it would be best to use a concrete patio installer. These are professionals who can get the job done. Concrete patio installers have a variety of colors, patterns and styles to offer. Colored concrete comes in many colors, like pink, green or blue. As for patterns and styles, one can choose from acid or water-stained concrete and pressed concrete. Pressed concrete is most commonly used for patios.


Why opt for Pressed Concrete?

If people want their patios to look unique, they often opt for cobblestones, bricks or natural stones. What if one could get the same look and finish, but with added durability and at a lower cost? Pressed Concrete Patios are all the rage now, even for luxury homes. They can be colored according to requirements and given the finish one desires. There is a range of colors and finishes to choose from. Above all, it is more durable than most natural stones and its wear and tear is minimal. To add to its many pros, pressed concrete patios are low maintenance as well.

The Cost

Pressed Concrete is much cheaper compared to other materials such as tile, slates and cobblestones. The maintenance is also very low. An experienced concrete patio installer would charge anywhere between six dollars to ten dollars per square feet for either colored concrete or design concrete. This can go up to twelve dollars per square feet for a pressed concrete patio, inclusive of labor. A customized design would cost anywhere between ten dollars to fifteen dollars per square feet.

If one has a large patio and would like to design it to their own specification, then they should be prepared to spend more than fifteen dollars per square feet depending on the intricacy of the design. Since installing a pressed concrete patio is less labor intensive than installing a tiled or flat stone patio, the likelihood is that a concrete patio installer may cut down on the labor cost.

Please contact us to for a quote on your patio renovation project to help determine the cost effective method for your home.


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  • Braden Bills
    August 15, 2016, 2:12 pm REPLY

    I’ve been trying to decide what I’m going to do with my patio renovation. I didn’t know that pressed concrete looked so nice! I might have to do that with my patio.

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