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Effective Techniques for Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Effective Techniques for Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Cracks in concrete slab foundation are one of the most common problems and their effective treatment depends on the type of cracks you are being encountered with. It might be associated with shrinkage cracks or frost heaves or even settlement cracks. The right knowledge of accurate foundation crack repair must be applied to obtain effective and long-term results.

A number of reasons can cause the cracks appearing in the concrete slab foundation. It might be because of the site conditions or due to water seepage through the foundation.

Shrinkage cracks are developed when there is a problem of water seepage into the foundation of the building, all the way to the basement, for effective concrete slab foundation repair. The water penetrates through the seepage and makes it channel within the lining of the concrete, slowly forming cracks in the surface. This may cause drainage problem if the seepage is left ignored for a long period. The water seepage may have occurred due to change of course of water channel underground because of extensive rainfall, snow, or moisture in the soil. When the water table rises and channels its way towards the foundation of the building such problems occur. It is best that a slope is maintained around the foundation of the house, which is sloping away from the building so that the water channel is directed away.

Settlement cracks in a slab appear on the surface in a scenario where the ground is not leveled adequately before pouring the slab mixture over the surface. The unevenness of the ground’s surface left ignored may not be noticeable once you have poured the slab over it. However, once it starts to solidify and rest over the ground, it may start to crack up due to bumps and jagged levels of the ground. Therefore, it is recommended that before pouring down the slab mix, the ground surface should be leveled a number of times with the help of a leveling machine or tool to avoid further challenges of frequent foundation crack repair.

Foundation Crack Repair

Then there is the problem of frost heaves and possible expansion of soil damage. During extreme weather condition, especially when the temperatures have prevailed below freezing point and the concrete slab is poured over the existing slab for filling up cracks; it could worsen the scenario by creating even deeper cracks. This is mostly because the concrete surface is missing moisture, making it more vulnerable to the climate and what is being poured above it. It is recommended that the concrete slab foundation is kept moisturized during such harsh weather, so that it maintains the level of moisture and it is also prevented from cracking up. Exterior insulation is also an option, which can be installed in the form of a protective shield, with professional guidance from a technician and the concrete slab can be protected from damage in future.


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  • Nash Rich
    April 18, 2016, 8:31 pm REPLY

    I’ve been to some lesser developed countries, and I saw some pretty unstable looking foundations. I think it’s because they don’t have the techniques and technology we have to make good foundations. I can see how water causes such problems for foundations. Any kid who’s played with sand and water learn real quick that things don’t stay up for very long! We are fortunate we have professionals that can repair and make good foundations.

  • Kenneth Gladman
    May 23, 2016, 7:43 pm REPLY

    I think that cracks in concrete show a possible serious issue, especially if the foundation is cracked. I like that you mentioned it is important to find the cause of the damage before trying to fix it. You want to make sure the work is lasting.

  • Braden Bills
    June 15, 2016, 3:47 pm REPLY

    I recently noticed some cracks in the foundation of my home. I didn’t realize that it could get worse over time! I’ll be sure to find a professional who can come along and help me fix it up. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wade Joel
    June 16, 2016, 5:56 pm REPLY

    Foundations are key to any home. It keeps the home from sliding down into the dirt. I had no idea out there could be micro fractures in the concrete I will have to go check mine to see if there are any.

  • siaosi
    July 21, 2016, 1:41 pm REPLY

    I didn’t know that little cracks in concrete can cause drainage problems. I am glad that repairing concrete slabs can help even out the ground and cracks. I would love to be able to repair my cracks in my concrete by putting in slabs.

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