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Guide to Waterproofing Basement Walls

Guide to Waterproofing Basement Walls

Maintaining waterproofing foundation walls in the basement can be a tricky business. Yet there are convenient ways of achieving it. There are waterproofing tools and substances in the market, but you might require some professional help if the problem is too serious.

To overcome a leakage problem in the walls of your basement, first you have to locate the source of the leakage. Then you have to determine the reason of water seepage within the concrete wall, since your foundation must have been made waterproof when it was being laid. In such situations, just taking the described steps will solve the entire problem. However, if the cracks have prevailed to become an expansive problem, you might have to contact someone for professional help.

Also, you have to make sure that the pipes and drainage channels of rain water, that are channeling the water from rooftop to ground, are placed in such a way that the drainage system ends up being not too close to the foundation of the building. If this is the case, then the water might have found its way of seeping into the ground and reaching up to the concrete foundation. This might be the reason the basement walls are having seepage problems. Once this source has been identified, you can modify the direction and distance of the drainage pipes away from the house, so that water finds another channel and moves away from the house.

Interior waterproofing is also an important aspect of maintaining basements. Waterproofing basement walls can be achieved by first coating the exterior lining of the basement walls with waterproofing chemical paint or sheets of steel. Then, the interior walls of the basement can be coated to make it waterproof by installing tiles, concealed drainage systems or probable sheets. This will also channel water out of the foundation, even though it has found its way to seep into the concrete walls of the house. Since the water might not find a way to completely seep into the foundation walls, it will be drained out from interior drainage system that you have installed along the inner lining of your basement walls.

Waterproofing Basement Walls

Exterior waterproofing can be achieved by a degradable asphalt based covering. For existing basements, which are experiencing seepage problems, soil is excavated around the foundation and along the basement lining. This is the most modernized technique of waterproofing basements, which has been practiced by a number of professionals to have waterproofing basement walls.


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