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How to Pull Off Backyard Basketball Court Installation Successfully

How to Pull Off Backyard Basketball Court Installation Successfully

Many people who wish to play basketball in the backyard have no proper basketball courts installed. They are merely using their driveways for dual purpose and they have just installed a basketball goal in their driveway. If you wish to create a more real-time experience of playing basketball with your friends, it is not a bad idea to install a proper basketball court by flooring it professionally.

First, you need to determine the backyard basketball half-court dimensions and plan its installation on the bases of the space that is available for successful implementation. In addition, you need to determine that there is space beyond the court border, so that players do not step off. Then, you need to determine the hoop fitting and associated dimensions. The entire dimensional graph can be designed with the help of some professional help, so that you do not miss out any important facts that need to be considered.

Now that you have figured out the entire dimensional outlay for your desired backyard basketball court installation, you need to contact a concrete layout company. You will have to give them the basketball goal pier and net posts; so that they can be installed once the concrete is being poured on the court’s surface. If you want to build the concrete surface on your own, you need to know about specific processes of making a concrete surface in the most effective manner. If the concrete is not laid properly or in a levelled way, there is a high risk that the surface will start to crack up once it has dried up. This may lead to a bumpy surface and can waste of a lot of investment.

After an effective and smooth concrete surface is layered, you need to now lay a suitable surfacing material to give it the basketball court-like outlook. Modular suspended tiles are the best recommendation for laying out to get the perfect look of a backyard basketball court. By using these tiles, it has been observed that players tend to feel less stressed at the joints and the entire court landscape feels extensively appealing, which is a plus.

Backyard Basketball Court Installation

The most important accessory of your backyard basketball court is the basketball goal. Other installation accessories such as fences and ramps are not of much value, since they are only placed for an aesthetic purpose. Once the entire work in the installation of the desired backyard basketball court is completed, you can enjoy playing the game with your friends. But do remember, the court does require a set of maintenance and supervision strategies, so that it has more sustainable value and high investment return for a long period. In conditions of harsh weathers, you may require putting in some extra effort in preserving it from extensive damages and long list of expenses.


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  • April Cook
    June 17, 2016, 2:38 pm REPLY

    I would love to install a basketball court for my dad for Father’s Day. He would love to be able to play every day. I like your tip to add room around the court border so people don’t step off the concrete if they go out of bounds. How much of a border would you suggest adding? Thanks for this great information!

  • Skyler Williams
    August 19, 2016, 12:16 am REPLY

    Something I learned today that in some states getting asphalt installed in your yard is not allowed. I want to install a court in my backyard, I’ll have to check out the law to see if it’s allowed. I’ve always wanted a court so I could have fun with exercise with the kids.

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