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Laying A Flagstone Patio Installation

Laying A Flagstone Patio Installation

Laying A flagstone patio is a very effective technique of making your backyard or front garden look more appealing. Installing the flagstones into the sand merely is not a difficult job, instead it is like playing puzzles.

Before you start with the process of your flagstone patio installation, you need to first determine the total area that you will be using and the amount of stones that are required according to the space available. Then you need to prepare that area for patio, by first graveling the surface and then covering it up with a layer of sand. This will allow water to get drained down into the sand, in case of rain or snow or other conditions of moisture.

Once you have placed a 4 inch layer of gravel and a 2-inch layer of sand, which is an ideal requirement for patios, there is a need to level the entire area before placing any stones on them. You can get a plate compactor, which is a leveling machine mostly available in a tool shop used to make the surface even. You can use this machine over the selected area two to three times, so that the gravel and the sand settles down and an even surface is created for the stones to be laid. If this step is skipped and stones are directly layered on the uneven surface, it will not only become dangerous for people stepping on it, creating a risk of tripping over the stone’s edges, but it might also create trouble in the long-run, during moisture and rain, which will make the surface even bumpier.

Placing the Stones for your Flagstone Patio Installation

Then, you can start placing the stones. It is best that you start their placement first along the perimeter and then inwards. This will help you in determining the layout of stones accordingly. You need to place each stone and secure them in the intended position by using a rubber mallet. Also, make sure that you place the stones, in correspondence to the neighboring stones’ corners, to give a more symmetrical look and create as little gaps between the stones as possible. For shaping the stones when necessary, you can use a chipper hammer and create synchronization of design.

Once all your stones are in place, you can plant moss or some other small plants that you prefer, along the gaps between the stones. This will create a more aesthetic image of the overall patio. Then, clear the entire place by sweeping away all the extra sand above the stones, to the gaps between them, for a finishing touch. You can brush off the extra dust and residue and the patio is ready to be used. You can also place furniture or a barbeque grill in the newly created flagstone patio and use the area for in-house gatherings, after the slate patio installation is in place. After the completion of the installation process, you also need to know about various strategies for flagstone patio maintenance, especially in variations of weather and on other conditional basis.


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