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Smart Garden Retaining Wall Ideas for Homeowners

Smart Garden Retaining Wall Ideas for Homeowners

If your house or building is located in an area, which has uneven land and it is based over the slopes of soil, you can implement landscaping retaining walls or even garden retaining wall ideas. Such landscaping ideas are mostly implemented to create more space in the premises, which can be used for driveways or other possible ideas.

The retaining walls are supposed to hold soil in one side by acting as a strong and concrete barrier. While the other side is steep and cuts the slop into empty space, people usually use the empty side to make concrete driveways for their vehicles or they may convert the place into decorative patios, courtyards or even courts for sports. While the soiled side can be used for garden landscaping.

The construction of well-structured and extensively strong retaining walls is a tricky process and it is not achieved unless a proper drainage is included in those walls. Retaining walls require draining because the water preserved within the soil, creates a pressure of its own, which heaves its weight along with that of the entire soil layer to test its concreteness.

The garden retaining wall is constructed by building a trench around the intended areas, which divides the soil and the empty space. Then a four feet wall made out of concrete is built. The wall can be constructed with the help of professionals or you can also implement its installation, but do take care of specific instructions while its construction process, so that effective strength and quality of the wall is achieved.

The wall is installed by implementation of suitable draining, which is layered with soil, since its spaces between the particles can provide the required outlet of water flow and channel it away from the retaining wall, so that it is kept protected from lateral earth’s pressure as well as from the water pressure.

Landscaping Retaining Walls

Once the outer layer is completed, you can decorate the retaining wall by installing bricks or blocks design, over the retaining wall to give it a more aesthetic appeal. After completion of the retaining wall’s construction, the area, which is steeply sloped and empty, can be cleared and a concrete bed can be installed for multi-purpose usage. You can construct a patio over the concrete floor, for arranging garden barbeques or you can preserve it as a driveway. The area can also be used for building in-house courts for sports such as basketball, netball or any other sports activities.

While the area on the other side that is the soiled land can be converted into a garden. The garden can be designed by using landscaping ideas, such as by using pebbles, rocks or brick lining, depending on the homeowner’s creative skills.


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  • Zachary Tomlinson
    May 4, 2020, 6:15 am REPLY

    I find it interesting that retaining walls are things that can hold soil by acting as a concrete barrier. My uncle has been thinking of ways to improve the curb appeal of his yard and these walls are a perfect fit! With this, he can make his dream Japanese garden a reality. I should suggest that he look for a contractor who can install this in his backyard.

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