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Things to Consider Before Foundation Seal Coating Concrete Driveways

Things to Consider Before Foundation Seal Coating Concrete Driveways

Concrete or asphalt driveways are vulnerable to harsh weather and climate. With hundreds of dollars spent on concrete drive installation, it can break your heart to see your money go waste as the concrete start to crack. By foundation seal coating a concrete driveway, you can ensure its protection for years to come. In this article, we will look at the most essential things that you should consider before seal coating your concrete driveway.

Know the Factors that Lead to Cracks

Despite the fact that seal coating is a great way to protect your concrete driveways, it can sometimes be unnecessary and waste of your hard earned income. In order to determine whether your driveway needs a seal coating or not, analyze your concrete and look for the cracks that have the tendency to become worse over time.

Most concrete driveways develop cracks due to water and harsh weather effects. Excessive heat and rain water can cause the porous surface of the concrete to break apart. The cracked concrete can sometimes tear apart, leading to more expenses, which is why seal coating becomes necessary. However, if the cracks in your concrete driveway are minor or can easily be patched up, you do not need a seal coating. In addition, you might not need a seal coat, if you live in an area with moderate temperature and stable climate.

Choose the Right Materials

There are different chemicals that can be used for seal coating concrete. The most common seal coats include water-based sealants, urethane and Acrylic. Water-based sealants are the safest, but can easily wear off. The other forms of coatings are generally expensive, but last longer than the water-based sealants. The shiniest forms of seal coats can also be slippery, which can pose a serious threat to the children. Therefore, before choosing a material, consider which type of chemical you would like to choose for your driveway.

Understand the Material Rates

As we have seen above, there are different types of materials that can be used for seal coating concrete. Not all the materials offer the same benefits and costs. So, before deciding about the material, make sure that you understand the costs associated with a certain material. Remember that different materials require slightly different installation process, so also consider the installation costs associated with a specific material.

Material costs can range differently in different states. Ask your construction expert to edify you regarding the various chemical and their costs.

Repair the Existing Cracks

Seal coating without covering the existing cracks is the biggest mistake most people make. It is crucial that you cover the existing cracks to avoid any damage to the seal coat. A construction professional would be able to help you with the existing cracks. However, you can also patch them up yourself with the help of a clay mixture. If you have no prior experience with the construction material, then it is best that you let a professional handle the situation.


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