Masonry is an integral part of any concrete structure, be it homes or offices. When done right, it provides buildings with structural strength and adds value to their architecture. However, masonry deteriorates over time due to several factors such as vegetation growth, lack of maintenance, harsh weather, and improper repairs. Therefore, it needs to be maintained. If not repaired timely, damaged masonry can cause the entire structure to collapse, costing you a bomb in rebuilding.  

Hence, you must ensure your masonry’s regular upkeep. One way of doing it is by paying heed to the warning signs. Here, we discuss five such.

Signs of damage

If you spot any or all of these signs, you need to call an expert for repairs.

Missing mortar:
 With time, the cement starts falling off from masonry, and gaps appear, weakening the entire structure slowly but gradually. When you see this happening, know that it’s time for repair.

Frost boil:
 This occurs when moisture seeps into the structure and loosens the bricks. It usually happens in areas where the weather is wet and damp all through the year.

Bowed bricks:
 Over the years, bricks change their shape due to pressure or withering, allowing water to enter the walls and weaken them. It will help if you fill in these gaps before it’s too late, and the whole building suffers damage.

Interior damage:
 It’s not always the outside elements that damage your masonry. Sometimes interior damage like pipe leaks can also be at fault. Check for leaks regularly to avoid this situation.

  As years pass by, bricks and stones used in making a building start cracking. Fissures may also appear if you live in an earthquake-prone area. If not tended to in time, this can cause the entire structure to collapse.

You may spot some other worrying signs, but the ones mentioned above are the most common that you can quickly identify and repair. If ignored beyond a point, they will aggravate, forcing you to replace the whole thing at a much higher cost. Taking timely action is vital here.

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