You probably use your sidewalk 50 times a day but don’t give it much attention. It is just there, connecting your house to the world outside. But even the most robust and well-done sidewalks give in with time. They start withering due to use and direct exposure to all kinds of weather. It is dangerous to keep a sidewalk in poor condition for long as it can cause accidents, harming you and your loved ones. 

Therefore, it is essential to watch out for indications that your sidewalk needs to be repaired or redone. Here, we give you a low-down on five signs that will tell you it’s maintenance time.

Cracks on the surface

Your sidewalk takes on harsh weather and heavy load daily without complaint. However, over time, cracks will begin to show. When these cracks are small, they go unnoticed, but they signal oncoming danger. They lead to the rotting and breaking of layers below the surface till they crumble entirely. So check for cracks regularly and get them repaired before it’s too late.

Broken edges

Edges are prone to breaking and chipping as they often take more load and are narrow, so they crumble quickly. Beware of these broken crumbs; they can get into the drainage system and block it, creating a hazardous situation for pedestrians and vehicles when being parked. You need to remove these broken particles as soon as you can and replace them with new edges.

Uneven surface design

Usually, sidewalks are designed with a tiled layout. However, these tiles come undone with time, revealing depressions or bumps that may lead to accidents and lawsuits when someone trips on them. Therefore, you must get them repaired by a contractor.

Faded and old sidewalks

Asphalt sidewalks look beautiful and add aesthetics to your home’s exterior. But their color fades with time, leaving them looking old and lifeless. However, the color is not just for aesthetic appeal; it also acts as a protective layer for the underlying materials. So if your sidewalk’s color is fading, know that it needs a recoat.

Moisture accumulation

If you have an inadequate South Jersey drainage facility, the chances are high that water accumulates around your sidewalk, weakening it. It is not surface moisture that you should worry about but that which gets collected below it. If you notice any puddles on your sidewalk without rain or snowfall, you should call a contractor.

Are you looking for a professional to redo your sidewalk?

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