When done right, stonework should be aesthetically pleasing, durable, and resistant to damage. It should also help you save on energy consumption by acting as a natural insulating barrier. Moreover, buildings made with stonework depreciate in value a lot slower than those built with other materials.  

To get the maximum value out of stonework, you need to find the right contractor. Here we give you a low-down on the six factors you must consider before hiring a service provider for desired results.

Experience and certification

Consider how long your stonework provider has been in business and whether they hold the requisite licenses and certifications. Ask them for proof of registration and licensing, and verify the details. Also, seek and review feedback from previous customers to assess the contractor’s suitability for the job. Explore as many options as possible before settling down on a choice.


Enquire about the stonework contractor’s ability to work with various stone types. Tell them the specifics of your job, and ask whether they have handled similar projects in the past. Find a contractor who can integrate and apply skills most appropriate for the job. You should also check whether they can provide custom stonework for your project.

Project turnaround time

Stonework takes time, so make sure your contractor is not preoccupied with other clients and can commit to your project with the energy and focus it demands. The last thing you want is a disinterested and distracted contractor who ends up causing more harm than good.

Reviews and references

Find and assess reviews and feedback of their previous work on Google and other online sources. You can also ask the contractor to provide professional references. Make sure that you call them to gain valuable insights into the contractor’s skills and abilities.


Construction projects can take several weeks to complete and demand an enormous investment of time and money. Therefore, you must find a contractor who appreciates the value of free and open communication of ideas, plans, and expectations. Effective communication between you and the contractor will help you avoid unnecessary delays and errors.

Value addition

Resist the temptation to opt for the cheapest available option, as it is often not the best choice in the long run. Some service providers agree to a lower service fee just to get the project. Choose a reputable contractor who believes in adding value to the project, even if it costs you some extra money.

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