South Jersey Snow Plowing tips to Melt Snow and Icy Driveways and Sidewalks for this coming winter season. While falling snow is a dramatic view, a parking space, street or pathway covered with snow is dangerous and disturbing to those determined not to let a snowfall alter their day. With the number of people out there, the chances of auto accidents increases, and likewise personal injury from drenched and icy parking facilities and driveways. Removing snow from your premises helps to prevent accidents and also protect concrete and/or asphalt. To prevent making costly roadway repairs or perhaps re-planting your garden, follow these tips when melting snow and ice: 

Don’t Kill Your Landscape with Ice Melt

In recent times, lots of effective deicing products are being developed to clean out icy surfaces. Nevertheless, many of them may end up harming domestic pets, destroying plants in the garden or flooring in your home. Let us discuss the most common deicing solutions, and the way they might affect you:

Sodium chloride — while usually the most inexpensive deicing product, rock salt does not give optimal results in temperature level below 25 degrees and could leach into the soil, causing a change in chemical levels.

Calcium magnesium acetate — may cost 10 times more than rock salt, however, it is biodegradable and salt-free. It won’t negatively affect the natural environment and is much less corrosive to concrete than salt.

Calcium chloride — is most effective at a temperature level below zero and is considered to be less disastrous to greenery. Nevertheless, it can leave slippery deposits that could be harmful to tile, carpet, rug, footwear and your pet’s feet. It can be up to 3x higher in price than rock salt, but the truth is you don’t have to use as much.

Natural alternatives — wood shavings, sand, and kitty litter are helpful for their gritty, anti-slip properties. They give you better footing to walk on an ice pack but definitely do not melt ice. They are usually blended with ice-melt products with a purpose to utilize a lesser amount of chemicals.

De-Icer Precautions

  • Never attempt to melt all the stuff. Clear snow first.
  • Be sure not to over-apply, stick with guidelines on the label.
  • Put on safety gloves.
  • Be careful not to work on newly installed concrete that has not completely cured.
  • Each of the products has a certain impact on the natural environment. Scrub area with water in cases where over-use is suspected or perhaps damage occurs on vegetation.

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