Both brick and stone offer a classy, timeless look for your home siding or property. But is one better than the other for home siding? 

We’ll dive into both brick masonry and stone masonry, the pros and cons, and help you make a decision for your next project.

What Does Brick Masonry Entail?

Bricks are made of natural materials including clay-bearing soil, shale, lime, or even sand. When these elements are shaped and heated together, they form the highly durable blocks that you’re familiar with. 

Brick masonry involves laying these bricks in a careful pattern one on top of another. To keep the bricks fixed together, a brick mason will also lay mortar, which dries and holds each brick together. Mortar today is commonly made of water, sand, and cement to create a paste-like substance. Brick walls held together this way are highly durable and look fantastic. 

The Pros And Cons Of Brick Siding

Bricks are extremely durable, making them highly resistant to physical impact, fire, strong winds, and much more. They also require little maintenance and can last for over a century. Bricks also come in a variety of color options, giving homeowners options to customize the look of their home siding while enjoying the durability. 

That being said, brick does have a vulnerability to water. Your brick mason will need to also construct a veneer to redirect and drain water so that it doesn’t damage your home or create mold. The bricks will also weather and change color over time along with the mortar. Cracks are uncommon, but you should have your brick walls inspected at least once a year to ensure that there are no immediate concerns. 

What Does Stone Masonry Entail?

Like bricklaying, stone masonry involves shaping natural or manufactured stones into structures using mortar. Natural stones used may include granite or limestone, whereas other structures now use manufactured stones. Regardless of which you choose, stone can provide a natural look that other materials can’t provide. 

The Pros And Cons Of Stone Siding

Stone is even stronger than its brick counterpart. Manufactured stone is slightly weaker than the real thing but can provide long-lasting protection from all types of elemental factors. Look no further than various historical buildings or monuments to see the longevity of stone structures.

Homeowners can also enjoy a wide variety of colors and shape options when choosing stone. Even more options quickly become available if you go with manufactured stone over natural. 

The downside, like with brick, is that mortar will wear and needs to be examined regularly. Stone is also a naturally cooling material, which makes it great for consistently hot climates. However, it also means that you’ll need to provide your home with adequate insulation to counterbalance its effects

The final downside for both is that brick and stone can be expensive to build with. That being said, you receive a tremendous amount of longevity and durability that you don’t get with other materials. 

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