Brick and stone masonry are both excellent construction materials, but we understand that choosing between the two can be a challenging task. Below you will learn everything you need to know about brick vs. masonry’s strength and durability. We hope that the information will help you make the right choice that serves your needs flawlessly.  

Brick is Better For Heavy Load Bearing Structures

Load-bearing structures bear the weight of the entire building. Hence these structures should be evenly designed and well-connected. Unlike stones, bricks have a uniform size and shape. This uniformity makes them ideal for creating a strong bond, especially around edges and corners.  

Moulding bricks in desired shapes is easy and reasonable. They are readily available; the transportation and installation cost per square feet is less as well. This is another brick vs masonry plus.

In addition to ease of use, bonding, and affordability, bricks also have higher fire resistance and absorb less heat during the daytime. For these all-round benefits of strength, safety, and comfort, bricks are preferred over stones for massive load-bearing structures. 

Stone is Better For Foundation and Retaining Walls

Stones offer the same level of durability and strength as bricks. The only difference is the structure. Stones are natural rocks, which means they carry cracks and sand holes.  

Unlike bricks, they cannot be evenly stacked or layered. This makes them a tough choice if you want to get your dream home constructed on time and at a fixed budget. 

They require more mortar, and in some cases, it’s even challenging to make a proper estimate of the mortar amount. Plus, stone masonry is not easily plastered or painted. It is for these reasons that stones are an ideal option for foundation and retaining walls. 

What About Repairs?

In terms of repairs, a stone wall will demand more consistent repair work over brick walls. The bond between bricks is much stronger and hence has a higher lifetime value.  

This being said, brick vs masonry both present long-lasting and durable material.

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