Concrete decking is an affordable and versatile material to create the look and style you want, while decorative concrete offers a lot of creative options when decorating your pool patio. Cast concrete has been the choice of garden pool enthusiasts for generations due to its inherent strength and resistance to chlorine and salt. Almand Bros offer concrete pool decking to their customers in a variety of styles. While concrete is certainly not the only player in the game, it offers a number of benefits that other pool decking materials cannot match, especially when it comes to versatility.

What is Concrete Pool Decking?

Unlike paving stones, concrete pool decking consists of large slabs that have been poured around the pool and hardened. Pool decks and yard paved surfaces such as walkways, decks or steps are functional landscaping elements that add usable space, create a smooth transition from one area to another, provide drainage, and cover bare dirt.

Some alternatives to concrete pool decking can get slippery when wet, especially tiles, but with concrete, there are several ways to improve grip without compromising the decorative look. The poured, brushed concrete allows bathers to walk barefoot without the risk of slipping. As the cast concrete surface hardens, our teams use brooms with durable horsehair bristles to brush the top and create a lightly textured surface.

Concrete Pool Decking Styling

Concrete creates a sleek frame that comes in a variety of colors in addition to the familiar light grey. Only decorative concrete gives you the freedom to choose any shape, size, color and surface finish for your pool, from plain concrete with a rough finish to exposed aggregate or printed patterns that mimic tiles, brick or stone. Some types of natural stone can be adversely affected by pool water that does not have the correct pH or chemical balance. Concrete remains unaffected by this.

The surface will also be more durable as you can coat it with a finish that will protect it from stains and everyday wear and tear. A variety of sprays and rollers are available in clear and opaque colors to renew, compact and texture concrete surfaces. The inexpensive material can be stained and stained in a variety of ways, so there are many options for concrete laying consumers.

Concrete Pool Decking Maintenance

A mild, low-pressure wash does not remove paint or sealant from the concrete surface, and is perfectly safe to use around your pools concrete decking to help it stay clean and undamaged. Also note that a quick rinse with a garden hose on an ongoing basis is not as effective as cleaning concrete with a bleach solution or using pressure washer to clean the patio around your home pool, but rinsing will remove sand, silt, dirt and other debris, reducing grit. rubbed into concrete.

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