South Jersey homeowners often wonder what the benefits are of concrete driveway installation vs asphalt. The choice of concrete installation or asphalt installation is one that you need to make when considering a new or replacement driveway. For those who need paving services, you most likely have learned that you have two options: concrete or asphalt. From the two available options, one that is considered to be the best is the concrete driveway. There exist enormous benefits of concrete driveway installation over asphalt. 

Concrete pavement is a bit more expensive to install – there is, however, genuine reason for that. It is more durable and lasting over a long time. Moreover, in its basic form, this material offers more visual appeal without the need to obtain any special design or color. Inevitably the most impressive overall “pros” to choosing concrete is the fact that it is better for our natural environment! The South Jersey concrete installation process is less assaulting and obtrusive to the environment (and even our senses) than asphalt.

Concrete Driveways for South Jersey Homes and Businesses

For a lot of commercial and residential property owners in South Jersey, concrete is the paving material of choice. A few of the qualities of concrete driveways that make people opt for concrete over asphalt include:

  • Appearance – For most individuals, the light color and accessibility to attractive aggregate finishes match up with their expectations a lot better than dark-colored asphalt.
  • Concrete Driveway Hardness – Distinct from asphalt, concrete is strong, hard, durable, and maintains those qualities in times of hot temperatures. Asphalt driveway has the tendency to melt during hot summer season.
  • Rigidity – Considering that it’s a solid, stone-like material, concrete resists deformation from automobiles or extended periods of parking on its surface. Its borders tend to be less susceptible to deterioration or breakdown.
  • Temperature Control – Asphalt pathways get heated during the summertime, as a result of their dark color – extremely hot for comfort sometimes. Light-colored concrete remains cool enough even on bare feet.
  • Pothole & Weather Resistance – Potholes as well as various other weather-induced damage are unusual in concrete driveways. Even though there may be cracking, as with any driveway, other forms of damage, like plant roots growing through the road surface, are less frequent.
  • Neighborhood Standards – In lots of communities and housing developments, concrete driveways are the commonplace. In such communities, an asphalt driveway might detract from a home’s value, and can even be forbidden.
  • Cost – Though a concrete driveway will cost you from 40 to 60 percent more than the exact blacktop driveway, it will offer a considerably longer life. So, when you measure cost over the lifespan, you will realize that concrete driveway is the smart choice.


As it relates to safety, durability, and environmental impact, the concrete driveway is apparently the best option for street paving and installation. To find out more on what concrete can do for you, give Almand Bros, the concrete installation companies in South Jersey a call at (856) 310-1390 or send us an e-mail.