When we think of driveways, concrete driveways come to our minds almost instantly. It’s because they are the most popular driveways in the United States, and it is not without good reason. They are more robust, durable, and economical than driveways made of brick or cobblestone.  

There are several reasons why you should choose them over any other kind of driveway. Here, we give you a low-down on the five major benefits of having a concrete driveway to help you make an informed choice.


Most homeowners prefer asphalt driveways when the budget is a concern. However, concrete driveways last longer than the ones made of asphalt, typically 50% to 60% more. So, the cost of two asphalt driveways equals that of one concrete driveway. Moreover, asphalt also has a higher maintenance cost, making concrete a much better option.

High load-bearing capacity

Concrete is made of composite materials that make it rigid and robust. If you plan to use your driveway for heavy vehicles such as trucks, concrete driveways will endure for longer than asphalt or any other kind of driveways.

Low maintenance cost

If you use the right contraction joints and penetrating sealers, you will have to spend less on maintaining concrete driveways. Once built, you don’t need to worry about them for a long time. Minimal maintenance will keep them going for at least 50 years. Meanwhile, if you use asphalt, the binders begin to dry out almost immediately, and you need to seal and coat it repeatedly. Even if you maintain it regularly, asphalt driveways won’t last as long as concrete.

No less curb appeal

If you want something that is not only long-lasting but looks good too, concrete is your best option. You get a lot of creative design options, and colored concrete is also available. You can choose a dark or a light shade to match your office or home’s landscape. Stamped concrete surfaces are also a popular option; they give a textured effect to the driveway, creating a three-dimensional and exciting look.

Increased resale value

If you plan to sell your home or office building in the future, you need to choose a material that will get you the best deal. A concrete driveway will make it easier for you to sell your home, so the extra money you spend on concrete is more of an investment than an expense, and it’s worth it.

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