Bricks have been famous in construction for centuries. Almost all the buildings you see around you have used them as there were hardly any other options until recently. But concrete blocks have lately emerged as a close competition, giving those planning to build a new house or office a choice. The bricks vs. concrete debate on which one’s better among the two has been on since concrete blocks came into vogue. If you look at the facts, both have their benefits. However, neither is without its share of downsides. Here, we compare them on five primary factors to help you decide and make an informed choice.

Strength and durability

Bricks are celebrated for their strength, but cement blocks are known to fare well in places where earthquakes and hurricanes are common. They are also better at carrying heavy loads. Therefore, if you live in an area prone to natural disasters, cement blocks are a better option.


Another important factor when choosing a building material is insulation. Hollow blocks of concrete are good at providing insulation due to the air cavity, which helps store heat, unlike their solid counterparts, which don’t have adequate insulation. Bricks, on the other hand, have high thermal mass and absorb heat to keep your house warm and cool according to the weather.


If you live in an area with too much noise, go for concrete blocks. They have a higher density than bricks and are better at soundproofing.


Though there are a few environmental concerns regarding both materials, they are primarily eco-friendly. Red bricks are made from recyclable stuff that can be sent to landfills. Meanwhile, concrete blocks are made from waste such as fly ash, which does not use valuable topsoil like red bricks. However, concrete cannot be recycled easily. So, both have their pros and cons; it’s not so black and white when it comes to bricks vs. concrete.

Cost efficiency

Concrete blocks are relatively more pocket-friendly than bricks as their manufacturing cost is less. The overall building cost also turns out to be more economical when using concrete blocks. On average, they can help you can save up to 17% of the total cost.

Though there are benefits and downsides to both materials, concrete blocks fare better than bricks when it comes to cost, soundproofing, strength, and durability. Therefore, we can safely conclude that they are the better option out of two.

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