Nobody needs moisture in a basement, so follow these tips to keep your basement dry. Removing 100 percent of moisture from some basements can be extremely difficult. Even exceptionally new and well-constructed basements can have air quality and humidity issues.


When we let humid outside air into our cool basements, moisture can condense on walls and floors. If the outside air is warm and humid, it condenses on cool basement walls and floor surfaces. As for wet wood, when the basement is dry, it will absorb moisture and increase the humidity levels in the basement. However, as common as it is, basement moisture can be bad news. When warmer air enters the basement through ducts, inefficient windows, or other parts of the home, it mixes with colder air and forms condensation, which, as mentioned earlier, can cause a number of problems. Leaks or holes can allow moist air from outside to enter the basement, increasing humidity levels. 

Moisture in a basement can slowly seep through concrete walls if they are not treated, and older concrete is more susceptible to this. When the ground around the basement becomes excessively waterlogged, water will begin to seep into the basement through the porous concrete walls. If you have cracks in your foundation, you can be sure that water will find them and get into your basement. 


The tried and true way of preventing moisture in your basement is to repair any cracks in your floor and walls, and then use a sealer to keep water from gaining entry again. Other fixes that should be done alongside of dealing to ensure water isn’t being directed towards your basement are as follows:

  • Repair any leaky pipes you discover in your basement
  • Install a dehumidifier
  • ensure any windows in your basement have good seals
  • make sure that gutters and clog-free and downspouts are properly installed
  • ensure that grade and watershed are being directed away from your home
  • if necessary, install sump pump and French drain to ensure no water is able to enter your basement

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