Allergies from mold in basement is very common, thus home waterproofing in South Jersey is essential. If you and members of your family suffer from chronic stuffy nose or allergies and a headache when at home but the symptoms are relieved when away from home, it is very likely that these symptoms have been caused by the allergens or air pollutants like mold spores. Moisture in the wet basements is becoming an increasingly leading cause of household allergies for most people with ineffective basement waterproofing treatment. 

Even if you only find mold in the basement, its spores will rise up and spread throughout the home. This is known as the “Stack Effect”. The stack effect is basically when warm air rises from the lower levels in the home and exits through the upper levels as well as the attic. As this happens, there is a creation of vacuum on the lower levels which then draws up air from the level of the basement… Why wait, contact Almand Brothers for home waterproofing in South Jersey.