Whether you call them cement driveways or concrete driveways, they are both the same! Concrete is the best-chosen driveway material around the country and for a good reason. Concrete driveways offer maximum durability and will last many years with little maintenance and repairs. 

With the increased popularity of concrete driveways, it is no surprise to wonder how long it will last. The response to this issue is really about how effectively the concrete was poured, be it commercial or residential driveways. An expertly installed concrete driveway with regular maintenance can last for 20 to 30 years! The variation in lifespan often depends on the consistency of the sub-grade, the quality of the installation, the form and rate of maintenance, the water drainage system as well as the weather conditions of the region you are. With such a long functional life, it is quite understandable why concrete has become a widely-used material.

When considering the durability, take note of the level and the type of traffic your driveway will have. If your driveway is going to bear heavy vehicles, a massive number of heavier vehicle traffic, or perhaps an above average volume of water runoff, a concrete driveway might be the right choice and a lasting solution.

If you already have a cement driveway that has started to show the indications of aging and deterioration, or has repairs and patching and appears unattractive, removing and replacing it is the best thing to do. This should be done by a reliable concrete company NJ like Almand Brothers who will do it right the first time.

Concrete driveways are a viable choice for buildings, and they can be designed to look beautiful based on an individual’s preference, taste, and budget. The wide range of patterns and colors to choose from gives your home a distinctive, outstanding appearance. If you are thinking of having an existing concrete driveway fixed, a new one installed, or an existing one completely removed and replaced, contact our concrete company in NJ to be sure of a quality job. Almand Brothers Concrete driveways in South Jersey are gaining increased level of popularity thanks to the durability they offer. Also, Almand Bros are known for offering the best South Jersey drainage services, don’t wait contact us today.