You can make functional and attractive walkways by picking from a wide range of paver walkway patterns and beautiful colors to match up your home’s architecture and personal preference. Integrating paving stone walkways to your entrance is a guaranteed way to enhance your home’s curb appeal, also instantly increasing its overall value. Whether you are planning property resale or moving in for the next twenty years, paver walkways constructed by Almand Bros can brilliantly transform your home’s exterior turning it into the best in the neighborhood.

One secret to creating a richly planted—or perhaps hirsute—yard appear more trimmed is to incorporate a defined bit of hardscaping. Patios and pathways or an updated driveway not just outline space but will also offer the kind of contrast that makes a flower bed or lavish garden pop nicely.

However, if conventional surfacing materials make you feel as flat as poured concrete, give some thought to pavers—concrete pavers. More vibrant than brick, more durable than asphalt and more affordable than stone, concrete pavers are a functional yet decorative option at any place around the home. And since they are modular, they are super easy to install and repair, even for DIYers.

Concrete pavers are categorized into two groups: architectural and interlocking slab. Interlocking pavers were introduced by the Dutch after Second World War, at the time brick, their local paving material, was scarcely find. Millions of the huge blocks get themselves onto European roadways, and the majority of the originals are still in good condition despite fifty years of traffic. A bit of amazement, then, that their consumer cousins mostly provide an approved lifetime warranty and render great driveway material. For all of their functionality, however, interlocking pavers do not have the natural appearance; the plain shapes and frozen-oatmeal surface hit the majority as unrefined.

Architectural slab pavers deliver a much more artistic option. Despite the fact that these thinner cakes can’t run auto traffic like their interlocking kinfolk (and are a little more sensitive to the impulses of the freeze-thaw cycle), they beautifully duplicate the look of natural stone or brick. Furthermore, they accomplish it for even less than the actual deal.

Paver walkway installation carried out by Almand Brothers can withstand all sorts of weather conditions. We assure that when you choose our paver walkway installation, it will endure for decades to come. Whether you require your sidewalk to offer a route to your entrance door, pool, garage area, patio, or courtyard, we can come up with the appropriate design and appearance for your outdoor space that will expressively enhance the beauty of your yard in the process. 

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