If you live in a location that experiences the phenomenon of seasons, you will understand how changes in climatic conditions can affect you and your belongings. Such things as homes, outdoor furniture, backyards, and concrete driveways can be affected by rain, snow, ice, and the removal of the whole thing. With the devastating effect of the wintry weather, hiring a snow plowing company will help you prevent next winter’s damage. The following are ways in which winter can affect your driveway. 

1. Thawing

The freezing and thawing activity can cause cracks in the driveway. Constant temperature shifts in colder areas can have an effect on the structure of your pavement and the ground underneath. Cracks on the surface area of your driveway make it possible for water to penetrate and loosen the aggregate (tiny stones) that forms concrete. A driveway construction company can assist you to seal the aggregate together.

2. Deicers

Deicing agents such as magnesium acetate and salt can heighten the level of damage to the surface of your driveway. Ensure that you consult with your driveway sealing company , like Almand Brothers Concrete company in South Jersey, to figure out what kinds of deicers you should utilize, and which kinds you should bypass to maintain the health of your driveway.

3. Plows

Plows can cause some level of damage so you have to know if/when it’s needed. Plows rub against the pavements tending to remove the seal coat placed by your construction company, thereby exposing the aggregate beneath. This allows water to penetrate your driveway and loosen the aggregate. Such harm is often minor; however, you should still monitor it.

4. Snow Melt

As stated earlier, water entering your driveway can result in some significant damage. It loosens the aggregate and creates holes in your driveway. Unlike other kinds of pavement, asphalt can quickly absorb the heat from the sun making ice and snow melt faster on the surface. However, melting snow leads to lots of water run-off that can pool and perhaps cause flooding issues if there was plenty of snow.

What You Can Do

Hiring a reputable driveway construction company like Almand Bros in South Jersey will protect you against much of the damage caused by winter weather. Moreover, this can you save the hassle of getting your driveway repaired or perhaps completely replaced. A well installed, top standard driveway accompanied by a great seal coat means you will be enjoying your driveway for years to come. If you decide to hire a driveway snow plowing company, it is important to ensure that the service will be fast, reliable, within your budget and guarantees No Damage. Contact Almand Brothers for the best snow plowing, repair services and concrete driveway installation in South Jersey.