You may be living in Cherry Hill, Mt Laurel, Maple Shade, Haddonfield, Audubon, Summerdale, Marlton or any other part of South Jersey and have experienced water in your basement. Snowfall during winter and rains during the rainy seasons makes water seep into the basements of the home destroying the foundation of your homes. If your home is also affected by this then you need an immediate basement waterproofing contractor to stop any further cracking or mold formation in your home. 

The damage from wet basement can also cause for the whole structure of the home to fall off, so mending any kind of seepage and breakage is necessary. Try the waterproofing services of Almand Brothers as they are one of the best and most experienced basement waterproofing companies in South Jersey. They not only use the modern techniques and methods for waterproofing your basement, they also provide expert advice on how to maintain the waterproofed wall from any kind of further damage.

Almand Bros use the best quality acrylic waterproof cement and plastic washable paints that do not allow water to stay on the walls. Not only that, they also repair and reinstall pipework on the walls that may cause any kind of leakage and get water exposed directly to the walls. Apart from that they fill in every small and big gap on the roofs that will let water seep in with acrylic cement that hardens quite fast and does not let water stay on the wall or penetrate.

Contact Almand Bros today to stop damage from wet basement so you can increase the longevity of your beautiful home. Waterproofing your basement is necessary also because water creates molds that not only smell bad, look ugly, and destroy the wall fully, but mold in basement can also cause allergies and even death. So make sure that the basement waterproofing is done before it’s too late.

You can now easily understand why foundation cracks occur due to water logging. Always remember that your basement is part of your foundation. Basement waterproofing is not expensive and cab save not only your dream home for damages but it can also save your life.

Contact Almand Bros today, your premier basement waterproofing company in South Jersey.