Concrete Parking Lots are used for many purposes. Since they are durable, it is common to see people roll, drag, push and shove just about anything and everything on these surfaces. When a part or whole of the parking lot suffers damage, it is either because of natural wear and tear, or because of an accident that chips away the top of the concrete. 

In either case, when a repair is imminent, this job should be taken seriously. A parking lot is a private or public facility for vehicles as well as people who walk across it day in and day out. With small chips of concrete scattered around or a huge crater in the middle of the lot, these passersby can be at serious risk of injury.

Apart from personal injury, huge vehicles driving across broken parking lots are also a threat to safety. For instance, if a pickup truck loaded with furniture enters a broken parking lot, it would be wobbly and unstable. In extreme situations, the fastened pieces of furniture can come lose and slide off, leading to serious accidents.

Similarly, if you live in a house that has a driveway leading to a concrete parking lot, it is important for you to keep it in excellent condition because a broken one makes the entire appearance of a home dull and unattractive.

DIY Methods To Repair A Concrete Parking Lot

Let’s take a look at some DIY Methods that can come in handy if you have a minor concrete repair job just outside your home, department store or apartment. The materials used in these methods are easily available at a home improvement or construction store.

1. Concrete Patching

If the concrete of a parking lot needs to be patched together, follow these steps:

Clean the part of the parking lot that needs patching with a water hose.

Make a concrete mixture by adding 50% Portland Cement and 50% Gravel. Add water and mix with a shovel till a mixture of medium consistency forms.

Next, apply a Cement Patch Bonding Glue to the part that needs the repair. This substance acts as a binder that glues the new concrete with the old one on the surface of the parking lot.

Apply the new cement mixture generously and flatten it firmly with a wooden piece.

Allow at least 3 to 4 days for the concrete to settle.

2. Repairing Concrete Spalling 

In case of Spalling, i.e. flaking of the concrete in a parking lot, follow these steps to repair:

Spray the repair area with water using a garden hose. Sweep the water away and let the part dry completely.

Buy Polymer-Modified Cement from a home improvement store. Mix a batch of this product following the instructions on the back.

Next, scoop out the mixture using a shovel and apply it to the spots that are flaking.

Smooth the repaired area with a wooden slab and allow at least a week for the cement patch to dry before cars are allowed in the area.

Once dry, use a high quality concrete parking lot sealer to prevent the concrete from spalling too quickly with regular use.

3. Repairing Cracks In Concrete

If a concrete parking lot has a lot of small cracks, follow these steps to repair them:

Using a circular saw, scrape the part that has cracks. You have to scrape deep enough for a pocket to form that can be filled with new concrete.

Purchase Cement Joint Sealant and follow the instructions on the back to mix one batch.

Take a putty knife to fill the pocket with the mixture. Smoothen and let dry.

To strengthen the repair job, spray the pocket with concrete parking lot sealer generously.