In general, well-constructed masonry has minimal maintenance needs. Any deterioration or problem results from construction flaws such as improper waterproofing, voids in the joints, partially set mortar, etc. This is why it is always wise to choose a licensed contractor with a proven track record.  

Even if the new structure has construction flaws, they are hard to identify immediately. It’s only after a few years of construction that the spots start to reveal the underlying defects. 

In some cases, the flaws may be invisible, which means that the structure is deteriorating from the inside. This is where regular maintenance plays a significant role and saves you from costly repair work. In addition to this, timely masonry maintenance ensures high resale value too.

Below you will learn the answers to some frequently asked questions on masonry maintenance. We hope that the information is helpful.

Is The Maintenance Process Same for All Masonry Units?

The level of maintenance required varies depending on the masonry material used. Plus, the units also respond differently to aging and environmental influences, which further demands a closer look and special care.

What Are The Signs That Masonry Units Need a Health Check?

Ideally, brick or stone masonry has a lifetime of 15-20 years. This means they hardly require any significant amount of repair work. But there are some sure signs that you should not ignore, such as missing mortar, bowed bricks, cracked bricks, etc.

Is Water Appropriate for Cleaning all Masonry Units?

Water is often an ideal cleansing agent for exterior surfaces. That said, depending on the surface and masonry material used, you might have to opt for a chemical or abrasive cleaning procedure. 

However, it is equally essential that surfaces and the masonry compositions are tested and analyzed to avoid damage from chemical reactions. 

How Often Should I Consult a Professional Service?

The first step in masonry maintenance is always preventive. So consulting a professional service is always beneficial. Periodic consultation, preferably each season, is highly advisable.  

A professional mason will make a close observation and document the condition of every masonry unit. If there is any underlying distress or visible damage, the mason will accurately identify the causes and suggest the appropriate repair work. To put it simply, regular seasonal inspection will maximize the life of every masonry unit and structure. 

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