Grading and drainage South Jersey are two aspects of maintaining a property that many homeowners or business owners may not consider until they have an issue. Grading is the process of changing the elevation, which can be accomplished through excavating, grading by hand with shovels and rakes, or using heavy machinery. Proper grading will lead to natural runoff patterns from your property as well as ease the burden on your gutters and pipes. Poorly graded properties can result in water pooling on low-lying areas during heavy rain events or when snow begins to melt. 

How to Spot Grading Issues

You may notice water repeatedly pooling in the same place on your property. This signifies 2 things. you have a grading issue, and you have a drainage issue. If left unresolved, the water could end up effecting structures that are close to the run-off point.

Steps Needed to Improve Grading

When you decide to fix your grade, you need to know that it may involve quite a bit of disturbance to your yard or property. To correctly re-grade an area, the dirt must be moved and redistributed to the areas that need it most. This can involve removing your grass or any landscaping that may be in the effected area.

Further Precautions May Be Required

Aside from grading your yard, you may additionally need to take steps to waterproof your basement if you’re regularly having water intrusions. Despite re-greading your property, water may still find its way into your home depending on the age and condition of your foundation and the soil immediately surrounding it. Grading can be part of the solution, but may not always be the sole fix to a wet basement or building.

Taking Action

Grading a yard can be done by yourself, but it may be difficult to know how well the job worked in the end. A contractor will be able to help deliver a consistent run-off away from your home. 

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