Role Of An Excavation Contractor

Excavation contractors do not just pick up dirt and throw it here and there. There is a lot more than that involved in their job description. They play a vital role in revamping or remodeling a house or piece of property and a construction site is like a second home to them. 

Excavation Contractor – Job Description


The primary responsibility of any excavation contractor is to subcontract a huge chunk of a project or assignment. If you want to dig up a swimming pool in your backyard, an excavation contractor might be of use, but they might subcontract the work to various other South Jersey contractors under them.

Preparing the Site

An excavation contractor shows up at the construction site, carries out an in depth inspection of the property and prepares it for the process of excavation. Making sure that the level of soil is enough to lay down the foundations of a building is also a part of excavation services. An excavation contractor conducts various tests on the type of soil and then signals a way forward to the foundation contractor.

Clearing Away Dirt

If you want to acquire an excavation contractor’s license, you should be able to excavate any sort of land and remove the dirt on it to make room for a solid foundation. Clearing and moving dirt is part of every excavation contractor’s job description.

Deal with the Business Side

The business side of excavation contractors is quite important – that is how they get to know how much profit they would be earning. They are usually aware of various bids and the rates of excavation in the market around them. You cannot simply acquire an excavation contractor’s license, there are various skills and capability tests that you need to pass in order to be classified as a qualified excavation contractor. An excavation contractor is also required to keep a record of all daily transactions and to pay income tax on a quarterly basis. The finance side of matters is important for a contractor to manage; otherwise, he might incur heavy losses.


Excavation contractors act as operators as well, whenever they are required to operate and maneuver heavy machines. Most excavation machines are quite costly, which is why many excavation contractors prefer to lease them. Therefore, an excavation contractor needs to have a basic understanding and knowledge of how to operate heavy machinery.

An excavation contractor should be multifaceted and should understand that his only job is not moving dirt here and there. The job of an excavation contractor should revolve around all aspects of a business and he should have a knowhow of matters of commerce. Without this knowledge, he will never be able to succeed in his profession and take it to new heights. Before embarking on a journey to become an excavation contractor, it would be better to take a course or two related to business management from a local community college. For more information about our South Jersey contractors or for scheduling an inspection, give us a call today at (856) 310-1390.