Although It may seem obvious, choosing the right time of year and the correct weather conditions can lead to a better result for your concrete project, sometimes drastically. Planning around a certain time of year to pour or repair your concrete can lead to a more consistent outcome.

Time of Year

The absolute best time to repair concrete is late spring and into early fall, ideally avoiding July through August. With the exception of July and August, as those months often are very hot (75+) and sustain high humidity in the eastern United States, the warm, milder months (April, May, June, September, October) make for perfect conditions.

Warm Conditions

When dealing with hot, humid, and wet conditions during a concrete project, there is potential for the concrete to set faster on the top than the bottom. This sets the stage for potential strength and structural problems down the road, as your concrete cures unevenly and over a longer length of time. Pouring new concrete in hot and humid conditions also requires that more water is added to the concrete mixture. Depending on how much is added, the extra water can significantly decrease the strength of the concrete overall. 

Cold Conditions

In the cooler months where it could get cold enough for ice to form, you run the risk of damaging newly poured or repaired concrete. In freezing conditions, water within the newly poured concrete can turn to ice, causing the concrete to expand and potentially crack. Aside from the cosmetic and potential structural issues, the colder weather increases the time for the concrete to set. This essentially means that the length of time for the concrete to go from just poured, to fully cured and done, takes longer. 

Ideal Conditions

For best results, you should aim to pour or repair your concrete in the previously listed months (April, May, June, September, October), as you have the best chance for the ideal conditions to occur. Before pouring or repairing your concrete, be sure to check the weather for the week, as you need 2-3 days of clear, dry weather following after you’ve poured your concrete. Just one day of poor weather adding to the moisture of the new concrete can effect its strength. 

What you’re looking for:

  • Cool to warm weather (50-60F ideal)
  • Low to moderate humidity
  • 2-3 dry days after concrete has been poured

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