Cracks and fine lines in your concrete driveway can be normal in many cases, but there are exceptions. When the lines you’re seeing in your driveway exceed cosmetic and venture into structural integrity problems, you need to do something about it. Let’s take a look at the causes of driveway cracks, when to fix them, and how to avoid them in the future. 

When should I repair my concrete driveway cracks?

If you’re noticing cracks less than 1/4 of an inch wide, there’s usually no serious underlying structural problems. 1/4 inch cracks and smaller tend to be cosmetic and can be easily filled and sealed to stop further damage from occurring. When the cracks in your driveway exceed 1/4 inch, there is a greater chance of structural damage having already occurred. Until the cracks have been fixed, the driveway will continue to be prone to damage from water, temperature changes, and repeatedly being driven over.

Deep cracks exceeding 1/4 inch can be repaired, but are often a temporary fix.

Deep uneven cracks larger than 1 inch indicate structural issues. More often than not, these types of cracks show up in older driveways opposed to newer installs. While this type of cracking can be repaired, it is usually a temporary fix and a new driveway will be needed relatively soon. 

What are the most common reasons for cracks in a driveway?

The most common cause of cracks in concrete driveways is water damage. If your driveway was poorly sealed or not sealed at all, rain and snow will seep into the pores of the concrete causing it to erode over time. Other causes include frost heaves (the ground below your driveway moves), roots from nearby trees pushing up against your driveway, and uneven settling caused by poor grading on your property. 

How long should a concrete driveway last?

Depending on your climate and level of upkeep, a properly installed and sealed driveway can be expected to last anywhere from 20-30 years before needing to be replaced or repaired

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