A lot of us have basements in our house. Unfortunately, it’s also the most neglected area, often serving as a dump yard to store abandoned and old things. 

However, that’s not what basements were initially intended for when they first gained popularity. A basement is built to act as your house’s base, holding together the entire structure above it. It is, therefore, crucial that they be adequately maintained and repaired as and when needed. One way to ensure your cellar’s upkeep is by waterproofing it. 

Here, we discuss five benefits of regularly waterproofing your basement, warning signs that will tell you when it’s time to get it done, and where you can find a reliable and professional service provider.

Benefits of waterproofing your basement

  • Prevents flooding: Flooding of the basement in the rainy season is quite common. The water gets logged, damaging everything you’ve stored in your basement. Moreover, regular flooding of the cellar weakens the base of your home.
  • Protects against mold: It’s not just the flood water that can damage your basement. The mold and mildew that develop over time due to moisture can also cause harm. Timely waterproofing your basement will ensure you don’t have to face such situations.
  • Prevents cracks: As water seeps in slowly from the ground, it can create gaps in your house’s foundation and walls, weakening them and eventually costing you a lot for repairs.
  • Saves money: A dry and warm basement will help you keep your house cooler in summer and easy to heat in winter. Therefore, it will save you a lot of money that you’d have otherwise spent on the energy needed for weather-appropriate heating or cooling.
  • Enhances resale value: Waterproofing your basement will extend your house’s life by reducing damage and will also increase its resale value when you decide to sell it. It is, therefore, an investment rather than an expanse.

How do I know it’s time to waterproof my basement?

You can quickly identify whether your basement needs waterproofing by looking for the following signs. If you notice any or all of them, it is time.

  1. Water stains or condensation on the walls and the floor 
  2. Puddles of water 
  3. Mold growing on the walls 
  4. Cracks in the walls 
  5. A persistent smell of damp

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