You can never be too safe when it comes to preventing water damage in your New Jersey home. 

Almand Brothers provides waterproofing services to protect your home’s basement and foundation. But how does waterproofing work?

We’ll explain below what waterproofing companies in South Jersey do and how their expertise keeps your home protected.


There are some obvious signs that indicate there’s an issue with your basement or foundation. If you have a wet basement that contains puddles, condensation, and a general dampness, it means that there are cracks and leaks somewhere within the basement floor, walls, or elsewhere.

If moisture continues to permeate through the area, you might notice your doors or other objects begin to swell and warp. The air may be more difficult to breathe which means the humidity levels are high, and that there may even be mold or mildew spores in the air. 

Water damage can have a severe impact on the structure of your home resulting in costly repairs. It can lead to rot, structural issues, and the need for mold remediation. This means that not only is your home in danger, but so is you and your family’s health.


Calls for a waterproofing service usually begin when homeowners notice evidence of currently existing leaks. Your contracting team will closely examine the basement and the foundation walls for existing issues as well as potential ones. 

If your basement isn’t protected, the types of events will inevitably take place in some form or another. Your contractor will recommend any necessary repairs to seal up notable cracks or damages in the walls or foundation. They can also provide more effective South Jersey drainage solutions to help prevent water from seeping into your home in the first place. 

From there, waterproofing is an easy to understand process. Your contractor will apply what is known as a waterproof membrane to the exterior basement walls. It’s designed to be able to shift naturally with the walls so that it remains protected at all times. It prevents water from being able to enter the area, as well as degradation or corrosion as a result of moisture. 

So long as your contractor utilizes quality products and the proper methods, waterproofing can last for over ten years. This can vary depending on the amount of hydrostatic pressure your soil experiences, how effective your drainage system is, and how frequently your home sees heavy rainfall. 


Don’t give water and moisture an opportunity to invade your South Jersey home. Almand Brothers has provided South Jersey drainageSouth Jersey waterproofing, concrete, masonry, and hardscaping services for well over 40 years. Our owner Mike Almand still remains hands-on to ensure that each project receives the greatest work possible.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our previous work as well as the wonderful endorsements offered by our loyal clients. We’re also happy to provide you with a free basement inspection and quote for our repairs and waterproofing services. 

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